Artist of Life Music

Artist of Life Music & Films specializies in new and innovative music featuring the rhythms of found sound. These innovative sounds made by instruments on found objects are emerging from countries all over the world. We are involved in all aspects of promoting and developing this genre. We also record & produce found sound music for all media outlets.

We specialize in creating original music for advertising on television and radio commercials. We serve as a resourceful and supportive team to film & television producers and advertising agencies. In addition, our focus is on licensing and creating found sound for use in feature films, documentaries, corporate videos, and interactive media. Our concentration is to bridge the music of found sound into other well-known genres, blending indigenous sounds with the raw energy of today’s cultural expressions. We also want to discover and collaborate with new found sound artists and create remixes for the club DJ & consumer.

Preview samples of found sound music:

Rara, by Maxo Lauture (Haiti) Dagon Dance, by Tyler Spencer (USA)
Marcante Precensa, by Lactomia (Brazil) Lithic, by Tyler Spencer
Merengue, by Lactomia Maracatu, by Lactomia