Just as FOUND SOUNDS BAHIA showed how artists have long used the resources of their environment to create music, COLORS OF CREATIVE CULTURE, shows how the visual artists in the city of Salvador, Brazil also take what they have and turn it into a cultural mosaic on the city streets. This “street interference art” brings together the same energy and inspiration of Lactomia’s found object music by bringing paint to the people. Trained artists, teachers, community leaders, children, even the parish priest, join together to create large-scale murals on the walls of their neighborhoods. Set to the accompaniment of Lactomia, the artists translate the traditional Brazilian rhythms of the percussion into colors, shapes, and volume, and their paintings become performances for people passing by.

The film offers a rare insight into how bringing art to the streets includes an entire community. This process of making art is a reaction to the visual pollution of advertising, graffiti and signs of poverty that surrounds them.

Documentary Running Time: 24 minutes
Rare art and interviews: 94 minutes